Weight & Loading Capacity

How much weight can a drawer support?

Recommended weight is around 8 kilos, the drawer should easily slide in and out of the frame.

How much weight can the traditional brackets hold?

Recommended load is a maximum of 55 kilos.

How much weight can the hang standard hold?

This depends on what type of wall the top track is installed in to. It is of great importance to use the correct hardware for your actual wall.

What is the loading capacity of the runners?

Recommended maximum load is 10 kilos.

Size Adjustment

 Size Adjustment

Can the wire shelf be cutted?

Some of our local stores can cut and customize the shelves for you. You can also do it yourself with a metal saw, but beware of rough edges.

Can the solid shelves be cut?

Yes, but beware of rough edges. Please note that the edge band will disappear.

Which products can be made to measure?

The following products can be cut to fit your space:

  • Closet rods
  • Wire shelves
  • Wire shelf baskets
  • Top track
  • Hang standards
  • Wallbands

Is my guarantee affected if I cut the shelves myself?

No, it's not.

Hanging system & wallbands


What type of paint does Elfa use?

We use an epoxy powder for our steel products.

What are the Elfa products made of?

Most of Elfa's interior products are made of steel with epoxy coating. We also have products made of wood and plastics